Welcome to Altlantis

Built on Hedera

Altlantis provides simple, no-code tools to exploratory creators in an all-inclusive and professional environment while helping them feel empowered and giving them an opportunity of limitless potential.

Creating on Hedera Simplified

Altlantis is built on the Hedera Hashgraph and will empower creators with limitless potential

  • Simple, no-code tools that you control
  • A complete rewards system
  • A token gating discord bot
  • Automated social feeds
  • A wallet made for Creators and Holders

A place for everyone

Altlantis is an inclusive environment where individuals will not be limited by cost, knowledge, or social barriers. We are commited to the growth of the community on Hedera.

Our social app offers social hubs that automatically assemble around different collection ids in addition to a public feed for all users of our platform to share their voice within a community of verified Hedera account holders.

Ready to rise above?
Enter a new experience on Hedera with Altlantis today.
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